Social Security

Social Security benefits are a big part of our safety net as citizens of the United States.  If you have an injury, physical or psychological, that makes so you can’t work then you should look into whether you qualify for benefits. The process of seeking benefits can be time consuming and nerve racking, but it does not have to be tedious.  Legal representation is built into the process, so you never need to be out of pocket for fees.  All payments as a  social security representitive is contingent on you receiving benefits and only then out of back due benefits.  So there is no financial risk to you as a client.  I have successfully represented individuals in SSI, SSDI and appeals.  Willing to accept clients from all over New England.  Normally I represent individuals in Boston, Cambridge, Lowell, Worcester, Lawrence, and Springfield Massachusetts. I also take cases in Manchester & Nashua, New Hampshire, Portland, Maine and Providence, Rhode Island.


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